What is all99?

What is all99?

A Visual

This is Average Joe:

Average Joe all99 all99life all 99

Not very impressive.

He “hopes” to be a Quarterback for the Colts. He “wishes” he was. Average Joe has average attributes, an average (fatty) physique, and an average amount of willpower to achieve his goals.

Average Joe does what everyone does, he watches and wishes.

“If only,” Average Joe tells himself every day. “If only I had been born like this…”  “If only I had that advantage…”

Average Joe never takes any real steps or makes any real attempt to make himself into a person who could walk onto the team.

Every day Average Joe tells himself why his dreams are impossible.

Here is all99 Joe:

all99 all99life all99 Joe

Take a look at all99 Joe’s attributes. They are all99.

Get it?

(Yes, the idea for all99 came from Madden)

All99 Joe is a beast. BUT HE MADE HIMSELF SUCH.

That is the message of all99. That is what “being all99” is.

All99 Joe made a vow that he would train and train and train until he was exactly the type of person the Colts not only wanted, but they needed. He put in the work day in and day out. He took legitimate steps. His success came in small increments, day by day.

He didn’t say why he couldn’t. He figured out how he could.

He refused to be outworked by any other person. One by one, All99 Joe maxed out every attribute he possibly could to fulfill the role he was seeking.

Now let’s talk about what all99 is NOT; lest you should have the wrong impression.

all99 is NOT:

all99 is letting nothing stand in the way of giving your ALL

It’s not about “quitting your job.”


My dream just happens to be: “No bosses.” It may not be YOUR dream, though.

all99 IS:

  • An ideal
  • A dedication to achievement
  • A group and community of those who won’t settle

all99 is the eradication of thoughts like:

  • “If only…”
  • “I wish”
  • “I hope”

And a firm commitment to: “I WILL”

You must unlearn the excuses you have taught yourself.

And it all starts with tiny baby steps; not being so afraid of the big goal that we never even start.

“Always with you what cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say? …You must unlearn what you have learned. …’Try’ not! Do! Or do not. There is not ‘try.'”

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