Top 5 Essential Gym Bag Accessories You Can Get for CHEAP in 2017

By Kyle Milligan / January 21, 2017

Imagine parking your car in front of your gym. You turn off the ignition and reach in your gym bag. Right before you fire up your Workout Jams 2017 playlist, you realize the cardinal mistake you have made… You forgot your HEADPHONES!

Panic, dread, adrenaline. Is it even worth it to endure the AWFUL “Today’s Hits” radio station that your gym plays?

Headphones are just ONE essential gym accessory you shouldn’t leave your home without. There are actually several cheap, essential gym bag and fitness accessories you should have in your gym bag.

LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset – About $40

Imagine that. Headphones are my number one essential gym bag accessory. Wouldn’t you rather get cracked across the face with a barbell by Babe Ruth than go into the gym without headphones? You would? Me too.

But I don’t think you should just grab any old pair of cheap headphones, stuff ’em in your gym bag and roll out. I did that and it was bad/costly.

Gym Bag Accessory LG Bluetooth Headset

Check it out on Amazon

Don’t waste TONS of your dollars testing out cheap around the ear, over the ear, and in ear headphones. Just get something good. I have been using the LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Headset (amazon) for over a year now without any problems.

I bought them on October 1, 2015 (I actually just found it in my Amazon order history). When I bought them they were $50 but this same set is less expensive now in 2017!

LG bluetooth headphones are such a worthwhile investment. I went through tons of headphones before and now I haven’t bought a single new set or pair in over a year.

Typing With LG Bluetooth Headphones

You can barely notice I’m wearing LG Bluetooth Headphones while I type this article. That’s one of the great things about them! No wires, no hassle. Just great sound (keep reading to learn about my funky wrist wraps)

You’ll love a pair of LG bluetooth headphones. They sound great and are so easy to keep up with. There are no hanging wires to deal with and they rest on your neck so you’ll forget they are even there.

I take my LG bluetooth headphones to the gym every day.

  • They have gotten wet
  • Been soaked in sweat
  • I take them on long runs with my run club
  • I wear them on the treadmill and elliptical
  • They have fallen to the ground a million times (at least)

Essentially, I have put these guys through hell. And they STILL WORK.

I use them for EVERYTHING too (As I sit here typing, I am literally wearing them right now). Talking on the phone. Listening to music at any time. Listening to books on audible. Even watching YouTube videos.

The LG Tone Pros are comfortable around the gym.  They are bluetooth so there’s no messy wires. And they have fantastic sound quality. And yes, you can definitely wear them while squatting. I highly recommend you go check them out.

Amazon Prime Music – Can Be Free

This seems a bit of an odd choice to call an essential gym bag accessory doesn’t it? Yeah, I kind of agree with you. But you need a music player for those sweet bluetooth headphones, and these days if you have a smart phone you already have a music player (Carrying the latest iPod just isn’t the rage anymore). However…

Maybe you are a Pandora listener. I was. Except I remember the days when Pandora was much more conservative with its ads. In 2015 I had had it with Pandora’s TERRIBLE ads popping up in the middle of a deadlift set and lasting for an ETERNITY!

That’s when I started investigating and realized I actually already had access to LOADS of FREE MUSIC.

A TON of people have Amazon Prime but only utilize the free shipping benefit. But, Amazon actually offers approximately 1 bazillion free songs to all Prime Subscribers.

Amazon Music Offers:

  • Millions of free songs to choose from
  • Listen only to music you want to hear
  • Lyrics displayed with almost all of the songs
  • Skip forward (and backwards) through stations freely
  • And best of all: NO ADS!

They have an Amazon Music app and I absolutely love it. The Amazon music app combines all of your free music and purchased music, as well as anything you purchased outside of Amazon, into one cohesive, brilliant, and convenient player.

Amazon Music Playlist

My “Stupid Hype” Playlist features a lot of Slipknot, Eminem, Breaking Benjamin, and others (All came with Prime)

I am actually listening to Amazon Prime, on my LG Bluetooth headphones this very second. So you can see that they are useful products both in and outside of the gym.

If you have Amazon Prime and aren’t taking advantage of Free Amazon Music or Amazon Video benefits, you’re missing out. If you don’t even have Amazon Prime, then click the Amazon box above to try Amazon Prime 30-Days Free Trial. You’re going to love it.

HumanX Line Wrist Wraps – About $15

Encountered some aches when you lift weights? Get some wraps.

Wraps will:

  • Reduce joint pain
  • Increase stability
  • Add 100 lbs to your max (jk, checking if you were still paying attention)

I try my damnedest to not use any sort of support devices in my weight training. Instead, I try to drop weight until my stabilizers and smaller muscles catch up. I plan to lift weights the rest of my life, so I don’t mind slow progression. However…

Humanx Line Wrist Wraps Fitness Gym Accessory

Check it out on Amazon

I can’t seem to avoid wrist pain when I’m curling a lot of weight or benching near my max. That’s where these super affordable HumanX Wrist Wraps (amazon) come into play. They provide extra support when you are picking up really heavy stuff that puts strain on your wrists. Wrist wraps really help out a lot for any PUSH exercise.

Harbinger HumanX Wrist Straps Incline Bench Dinosaurs

Use HumanX Harbinger Wrist Straps and you can bench press DINOSAURS

I’ve had my wrist wraps for about 2 years now. Once you’ve been to the gym for a couple weeks and start pushing your maxes, I think a small investment (approximately $10) in wrist wraps is definitely worth while.

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Blender Bottle – About $10

You must have a Blender Bottle. This almost goes without saying. If you don’t have a bottle on you at the gym (and everywhere else) you should get one.

Essential Gym Bag Accessory Blender Bottle

Check it out on Amazon

It’s one of those things that would actually baffle me if you didn’t have one. Sort of like how a cat knows to use a litter box, one just knows to pick up a blender bottle. And then pick up another. And another. And another. I have approximately ten million blender bottles. They are like 10 dollars and even pimps get thirsty.

This Blender Bottle above is pretty cool because it has a little compartment underneath where you can store your whey or pre workout powders. If you hit the gym right after work, it can be a hassle to keep up with powders and this blender bottle would help out a lot.

Lifting Chalk (Magnesium Carbonate) – About $6

What is it about us weightlifters that we all have the sweatiest hands on the planet? You think yours are as bad as mine? Okay, you might be right. Keep your gross, sweaty paws away from me.

Must Have Fitness Accessory Hand Chalk

Check it out on Amazon

As a sufferer of excessive palm-sweat syndrome, you need to keep some lifting chalk in your gym bag. Luckily, it’s just a ball of chalk so the price reflects as much. One bag of this lifting chalk should last you several months. At right around six dollars, that’s a hell of a return.

Use your chalk for heavy lifting. When you’re deadlifting you want to have a strong grip on the bar. I hate it when my fingers are stretched out, clinging for life while I try to rush in another rep before I drop it.

A Chalk Ball:

  • Increases grip
  • Less messy than loose chalk
  • Lasts longer than a block of chalk

Some people use wrist straps like these, but I want to hold the weight. It’s great for your forearm strength to HOLD the weight. You don’t want to rob your forearms of that work by strapping a bar to your wrists.

Lifting Chalk must have fitness Accessory deadlifting

Lifting Chalk gives you super strength grip

Once you put some lifting chalk on your hands, you’ll be surprised the amount of weight you can actually securely hold onto without requiring straps. Chalk gives you a better workout, and for its price point, it’s really hard to not at least try it.

In case you think you gym won’t allow lifting chalk: Shenanigans. I’ve actually only been in a handful of gyms that “allow” chalk. But I’ve kept chalk in my gym bag and used it at every gym I’ve ever visited and no one has ever complained.

I didn’t hide in the back or cover my lifting chalk. I used it in plain sight. No one has ever asked me to stop, so I will keep using it until they do. I think the no-chalk rule is some corporate jive passed down and individual franchises don’t really give a hoot if you use chalk.

What Are Your Favorite Gym Bag Accessories? Feel Free To Comment Below!

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