Stop Wishing, Start Doing

I know a lot of people who wish for change in their lives.

They are unhappy with their weight.
They are unhappy with their job.
They are unhappy with their bank account.
They are unhappy with their love life.

They are just unhappy with their lives, for one reason or another.

What troubles me is that they don’t:

Manage their diet or exercise regularly,
Interview at another job or attempt to work for themselves,
Budget and pay cash for things while avoiding buying things they really don’t need, or
Leave what is comfortable and pursue new relationships.

What they actually do is toy with the idea of change a little bit, maybe whine to one of their confidants, then settle right back into old habits. While they all lament for change, none of them are doing anything to make a change.

These people don’t really want change.

When you really want change it will compel you.

You won’t have time to complain about the change you want, you’ll be too busy doing something about it.

My story started one evening after I had come home from work for the umpteenth day in a row and plopped down on my couch to watch Netflix and drink beer until I fell asleep.

I knew I should be doing something different but it was always “tomorrow.” I was too tired from my work day to do anything, anyways.

I was getting fatter every day. I was miserable at work. I was broke. I was just unhappy in general.

One night as I sat before my dormant TV, remote in hand ready to launch myself into another Netflix marathon, I thought to myself, “I wish I was rich…” and I pacified again, “…tomorrow.”

“NOW!!!” a voice in my head chided.

“Stop wishing and then doing absolutely nothing!!

Somewhere inside, a restlessness had taken life and was fed up.

I was so sick and tired of being utterly unremarkable.

I had to do something but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have anything to do. I just knew I needed to do something different. I grabbed my laptop and went to the Starbucks near my house.

I didn’t have a plan.

I would just read. Surf the web. Anything was more productive than boozing and Netflix.

While browsing, I saw a picture of a fitness model on Facebook, Michelle Lewin.

She was beautiful. Tight. Toned. Perfect. “What a life. Getting paid to be beautiful…”

Seeing her reminded me about a fitness model I had heard about named Lazar Angelov, so I looked him up.

Lazar was a total beast. He recently posted a picture of himself just standing outside shirtless, abs protruding like tiny stomach stones. He was wearing some dark shades.

He was tan, tatted, jacked, and had an insanely well-manicured beard. His picture, which was posted pretty recently, had already amassed 55,000 likes.

“Wow. 55,000… I wish I could do something so impressive that 55,000 people would like it.”


I drove home and told my roommate I was giving up booze for at least 90 days and going on a diet starting at that moment.

“No drinking? No way in hell,” you might say. So did I. The original plan was to allow sparse liquor consumption on ice or water but after going 30 days without any booze whatsoever I decided I would see it through to the 90th day.

Today is day 54.

I’ve made some satisfactory progress and I’ve also hit some bumps. I’ve gained from this experience a willingness to “just go for it,” and a “what do I have to lose?” mentality.

What will happen going forward from today is a mystery to me but what has happened thus far has brought me here- writing this post on my new website which was dreamed up only a few days ago.

If you genuinely want change in your life there can be no half measures. You have to decide, commit, and go after it with everything in you.

Even if you aren’t sure what to do, do something.

Win or learn, there is no lose.
No fear.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing.

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Kyle Milligan

I'm Kyle Milligan. I really enjoy writing. I wrote a couple novels (The Hang-Ups and Hangovers series) and now I blog frequently on a bunch of different websites. I also enjoy lifting heavy things and and writing about it.

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