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There were alerts and sirens and lights and all kinds of things popping off when I wrote the Holding Hands and Guilty Confessions posts. If you’ve read them, let’s face it, they just have no place on all99life. They are not what the message of all99 is.

But G Dangit, did I enjoy writing them.

The voice I used to write those two posts was exactly the same voice I used to write Hang-Ups and Hangovers. Honestly, I wrote them because I felt like all99 didn’t give anybody a real look at my novel writing-style and I wanted to show you guys.

But still, those two posts weren’t all99 material. They didn’t fit the brand I had built at While I brought in a couple new readers with the new, deeper content, I was confusing and even worrying my faithful readers.

What to do?

I asked very successful bloggers and low-key bloggers for help. I asked legendary motivator Victor Pride at I asked the philosophical writer Mark at I asked lawyer and beauty blogger Donata at I asked Heavyweight Boxer Ed Latimore at They all have unique brands and they all had similar advice: find a theme and be consistent.

It all mimics the old addage: “protect your brand.”

“But I’m a complex person with varied interests!” I complained. “I love entrepreneurship but now I have a blossoming career as a fiction author writing evocative truths about life and relationships! How do I combine all these pieces of me into one coherent message?!”

The answer is: I don’t.

Protect Your Brand

all99life readers like what I have for them here. Just because you like my writing here doesn’t mean you necessarily care about my deeper, fiction work. Just as I love Bukowski’s novels but have ZERO interest in his poetry.

So I will do what I have been told- I will protect my brand. I will pick a theme and be consistent for my readership. I will not muddle my all99 work with musings of relationships and my romance philosophies.

However, I also will not neglect the relationship-thinker part of me because it is relevant to my novel writing and I think there is an audience for it. Therefore, I will split myself in two. I will be posting my relationship and life ruminations to my author page,, where they are relevant. Where they belong and will get the space they deserve to grow and develop in front of an interested audience.

How to Develop Your Brand – The Tagline

One very important way to get your brand defined is to come up with a TAGLINE.

A tagline is a short blip, a couple words, that summarizes what you’re all about. This really helped me see that my two distinct brands were exactly that- distinct. I badly wanted to combine the two parts of me, the business-thinker and the relationships-thinker on one platform. But no matter what I tried or who I asked, I could not sum the two messages into one cohesive tagline. The tagline kept turning into a tag-run-on-sentence or a tag-paragraph. The messages were too disjointed. Too inconsistent.

Inconsistency is bad for your brand.

I was trying to do too much. The inability to develop a coherent tagline paralyzed my writing. content came to a screeching halt. I couldn’t write because I didn’t know, brace for the cliche, who I was.

When I decided to write one blog by one set of rules and another blog by another set of rules, I very quickly developed two unique taglines that worked and the constipation of ideas I struggled with cleared out and new ideas flowed like my brain had chugged Metamucil.

For Your Brand, Less Is More

My two taglines are both six words. If you see them at the top of the page you should get what the page is about immediately or at least have a chance at a guess.

My two new taglines are: – The Push That Makes You Move – Evocative Truths About Life and Relationships

You should have a general feel or curiosity about what you are getting when you reach each homepage.

I have also stripped back some of my novel advertising on all99life for the time. I want readers to buy my books, sure, but when there are covers flashing all over the place about hangovers and princesses in reader’s faces and they don’t jibe with the entrepreneurial message of my posts, new visitors have no idea what the hell my site is about. In that case, less is more.

Your Brand and The Five Second Test

Mark at put me on a great branding site ( that taught me about the 5 second test.

In five seconds can your visitor figure out:

  1. What you offer
  2. How will it help them
  3. How do they buy it?

If not, you’re messing up.

Practicing the 5 second test on yourself is crucial for figuring out and clearly conveying your business’ message to customers.

Currently I’m not selling anything on this site besides my novels, which we have discussed aren’t really salient to the all99 message. Therefore, I could not create a coherent way to explain’s message and sell the books with the 5-second test.

Analyzing my website this way enabled me to see that something was wrong, because I couldn’t really fix it. Some stuff just didn’t fit. And that’s okay. Because I believe I have the potential for two successful brands with unique standalone potential.

Now that I have taken care to protect my all99 brand, I can develop my other brand and target each brand’s respective niches and move forward with clear direction.

Stay tuned for a new breed of content at

Also, buy my novel Hang-Ups and Hangovers

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