Progress During Michael Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger Cutting Diet

I started another cutting cycle using the plan outlined in Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews 11 days ago (I’m going to cut for 28 days) and today I’m sharing my progress. Why 11 days? Because it’s Tuesday and TransformationTuesday is a hot hashtag so I’m not waiting the full two weeks.

Bigger Leaner Stronger Progress Pictures

Bigger Leaner Strong Cut Diet Results Progress Picture

Bigger Leaner Stronger Results

So right away you’ll notice the absence of chest hair. At least all my Facebook and Instagram followers did. That’s because my muscles became so large from Mike Matthews routine that there was no room for chest hairs anymore.

What’s really most telling in this picture is the curves and definition of my Adonis lines. Adonis lines are those sweet little lines at my hips leading to my downstairs.

The reason Adonis lines are important is because a lot of people store their fat around their midsection. That’s the stubborn fat that everyone complains is impossible to lose. The lines show how effective the diet is that my love handles have shrank in just eleven days, thanks to Mike Matthews diet plan.

Bigger Leaner Stronger Cutting Results

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While it may be difficult to trim your belly down, it isn’t impossible. The problem is there is no such thing as “targeted fat loss.” You can’t lose weight in just your belly the same way you can’t lose weight in just your fingers. Instead, your fat usually sheds from the outside in, which is annoying. Meaning your arms usually shrink before your tummy.

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Bigger Leaner Stronger Diet | Macro Composition

When on the Michael Matthews cutting diet, your macros are arranged to give you excess protein, which slows the effects of your body burning muscle for fuel (I will answer: what are macros? in just a second). Your body usually burns the weightier muscle before it burns the fat. Because of the way we were built to survive a couple thousand years ago, fat is stored as a last resort emergency fuel supply, so you have to be deliberate with the way you eat to burn off the right stuff.

The Bigger Leaner Stronger diet compensates for the pattern of your arms and muscles shrinking before your belly by composing your macros intake to counteract these catabolic effects.

Michael Matthews covers all the diet stuff in great detail in Bigger Leaner Stronger for you but I’ll give you the quick and easy version.

What are macros?

What is a macro? I’m only going to tell you what you need to know to get ripped.

The term “macro” is short for macronutrients. There are three of them. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. They are on every food label ever. Most people are only vaguely familiar with them. For my cut, I am arranging my macro intake every day as follows:

  • Protein: 1.2g x my body weight
  • Carbs: 1.0g x my body weight
  • Fats: .2g x my body weight

I was 175lbs so that means

  • 210g protein
  • 170g carbs (I’m 5g under because I like to err on the conservative end)
  • 34g fat (again, 1g under)

That’s 1826 calories a day. I always try to finish the day within 50 calories of my mark. It’s okay to go a little over and a little under. This macro setup also burns fat for WOMEN.

Thinner Leaner Stronger By Michael Matthews

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Check Out Thinner Leaner Stronger

How do you get that calorie number?

  • 1g of protein = 4 calories
  • 1g of carbs = 4 calories
  • 1g of fats = 9 calories

That’s all you need to know to get started. I am not a body builder, I don’t bother myself worrying about sodium levels, sugar intake, yada yada. If it fits my macros, I eat it. If it costs me half of my macros for the day, I don’t mess with it.

Meal Plan and Foods

Meals are person specific, so I’ll share what I eat most of the time. I eat big meals, and they are usually the exact same so that I can track them easily. Usually I eat about 7oz of chicken, 1/2 cup of rice, 1 cup of broccoli, and 1 large fried egg (Pam cooking spray, not oil) as my go-to meal. I love it. It’s filling. And it’s awesome. I love snacking on Special K Protein cereal. It’s got the most even macro-makeup of any cereal I’ve ever seen. I have a bunch of foods to eat to lose weight in this post.

When I’m cutting I don’t mess with whey protein powder too often. I prefer to eat chicken because 4 ounces of chicken is more filling than a scoop of powder. However, my hands down, favorite whey protein powder ever is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Naturally Flavored Chocolate, 4.8 Pound. It tastes amazing. It has natural flavors. And because I use it sparingly, one tub lasts me over a month.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Naturally Flavored Chocolate, 4.8 Pound

As of today I am almost finished with my first tub of Nature’s Best Isopure Unflavored 3 lb. I like it a lot. However, it is more expensive than Gold Standard so I will probably switch back when it’s empty.

Bigger Leaner Stronger Diet Plan | Macro Tracking

I’ve talked a lot about tracking macros. For my tracking I use a free app called Calories Counter – Macros by appmoto. I think I paid $3 to remove ads. That was over a year ago. I use my Macro Tracker App every single day about 11 times a day so I am pleased with my investment.

I got Calories Counter off the Google Play Store and I am not sure if it is on Apple’s App Store. Don’t fret if you can’t find it. Basically you just want any app that will allow you to enter a food item, a serving size, and the associated macros. Then the app needs to allow you to save that information so you can go straight to it later because when you are tracking macros or tracking calories you will probably eat a lot of the same stuff frequently. Routine just makes this whole process easier.

A regular day of macros for me

Macro Tracking Daily Diet Part 1

Macro Tracking Daily Diet Part 2

I did a pretty good job with the diet plan on October 30th, as I was just 8 calories over my daily allowance. I had 4 grams of protein left for the day, I went over 4 carbs, and my fats were spot on. This was a very well tracked day.

You’ll see my chicken and rice and broccoli meal in the fifth frame as well as a lot of Special K Cereal. I love Special K. I pour in unsweetened almond milk because unsweetened almond milk is basically nothing. 30 calories. It’s great. I also had a sandwich. I took two pieces of wheat bread and slapped 3/4 cup of egg whites in between with 4 slices (1 serving) of deli ham.

For anyone about to rage out about eating bread or eating ham: I couldn’t give fewer shits about gluten or if ham is murder or gross or whatever. I don’t care about any of that. What do I care about? Results. If it fits my macros, I’ll eat it.

On that note, I do try to avoid cheese, and dairy in general, because it kills my fat allowance. Cheese is basically pure fat. Low fat cottage cheese is solid. Aside from almond milk, I don’t think you should drink any of your calories because you will end up hungry when your macro allowance was wasted on fluids.

The “Pulse” item listed in my food log is actually a product created by the Bigger Leaner Stronger author himself. Pulse is Michael Matthews’ pre workout powder manufactured by his company, Legion Athletics. I don’t mess with many supplements but I always have at least whey powder and pre workout powder in my house. I love Legion Pulse pre workout. More than Brick loves lamp (in a couple years kids won’t even get that joke).

Pulse Pre Workout by Legion Athletics

When should you eat your big meals?

You don’t have to give a shit about when you eat your calories. Those last couple bowls of Special K on my food log? I ate those right before bed. I do every night. It’s my favorite thing. I always save enough macros to chow down on cereal right before bed. I love it. The whole don’t-eat-before-bed crap is just that– crap.

Tracking your cheat meals

Michael Matthews has a very specific formula for his cheat meals and he stresses that you have a cheat meal not a cheat day. I think you are supposed to allow yourself something like 30% more carbs that day or something. Well, like I’ve already said, I’m not a body builder. I have full-throttle cheat days. I usually make myself wait until 6pm, but then I eat junk until I’m sick. You’re not supposed to. It will hurt your results. But my results have turned out just fine.

A Word of Warning

I read Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews over a year ago. When I discovered I could trim up by tracking macros, I went a little crazy. After 8 weeks of cutting you are supposed to switch it up. I think I continued for something like 12 weeks before I had to stop. You also do not have to reduce your calorie and macro allowance as you lose weight over your 8 weeks (generally; results may vary). During my 12-week cut-rampage, I kept sliding my calories lower and continuing my cut well past its expiration. I was insane with ab-rippy power. Don’t do that. It’s not healthy.

The Wrap Up – Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Bigger Leaner Stronger By Michael Matthews Results

I cannot recommend Michael Matthews book Bigger Leaner Stronger STRONGly enough. All I’ve talked about in this article has been the diet, but the macros aspect is extremely important. Also, what are macros? is the question I hear more than anything else, so the macros subject deserves a lot of attention. I will be writing up another post down the line on my experience with the strength training exercise routine.

Check Out Bigger Leaner Stronger

P.S. See my Results with Bigger Leaner Stronger Workout Routine.

Progress During Michael Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger Cutting Diet
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Progress During Michael Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger Cutting Diet
I've only been following the cutting diet of Michael Matthews book, Bigger Leaner Stronger, for ELEVEN days and I'm already seeing amazing results!
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