Lose weight fast and get a six pack with Bigger Leaner Stronger – With a Lesson in Perseverance

As I write this, it is Day 90 of my “90-Day No-Booze Challenge.”

The premise was simply to cut out alcohol, lose weight fast, and watch my body transform into a fitness machine, complete with six pack.

It didn’t go as planned at all.

January 27, I dropped all booze and virtually all carbs. I watched some excess fat disappear. I was excited.

About one month later I actually weighed the same, or at about a two pound decrease. I noticed that the little excess fat I originally dropped seemed to be reappearing.

I was flustered. I was downright angry. I mean mad.

I had one goal in mind, lose weight and get that coveted six pack, and it was NOT happening for me. The worst part was I gave up my favorite pastime, drinking, in order to achieve this goal.

And yet another month went by and no progress.

It didn’t make sense to me. I cut out carbs. I cut out booze. I was losing strength in the gym and continually putting on weight. I woke up angry, looked in the mirror angry, got in the shower angry. What was I doing wrong?

I was disciplined and sticking to it. Some weeks I was working out 7 days in a row and doing 2-a-days. I was a maniac. And still it wasn’t working.

I told myself to simply trust in the process and that I was probably gaining more muscle from all the lifting I was doing… so wrong.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. Almost two months into my venture I told my friend Dan about my light and that’s when he told me about calorie counting and the book Bigger Leaner Stronger, by Michael Matthews.

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He also taught me that going no-carbs was stupid and was the reason I was losing strength in the gym (explained in the book)

The information in that book changed everything.

I lost weight fast, and with the reintroduction of carbs into my diet, gained strength.

(You can find the female version of the program, entitled Thinner Leaner Stronger, here)

I started no-booze no-carb on January 27.

January 28

After chatting with Dan and picking up Bigger Leaner Stronger, I started watching my calorie intake on March 10.

It took me about a week to get figured out all the things I was doing wrong.

Here’s me on March 19.

March 19

Not much progress at all from the start day of January 27, considering all the effort I was putting in.

Well here’s me on April 26 after following Bigger Leaner Stronger.

Kyle Day 90 April 26

See some difference? This just a little over a month after I started the program!

They say things are always darkest before the dawn and that most people who fail do so because they stopped just inches or moments before their big breakthrough.

That could’ve been me.

I could’ve given up. I’m glad it wasn’t a 30-Day challenge because literally nothing would have changed. It took 90 days to get everything figured out.

Thank God I set it for 90 days.

Having gone through this experience, I have the knowledge and know-how to impact the shape of my body. I meticulously tracked calories and macros, gained an understanding for different types of carbs and proteins, learned about the impact of glycemic index and load, and saw the error of 95% of American fad-diets.

Losing weight is as simple as creating a calorie deficit.

It is really as simple as that. But this article is not just about the weight loss.

It’s about the process, the journey, and never giving-up. It’s about not quitting even if it seems hopeless.

That’s the moment right before your big breakthrough.

Having this experience under my belt, I have a new respect and understanding of adversity.


I felt like the time I lost in the first month or so not losing weight was wasted but it wasn’t. It taught me exactly what not to do. It taught me behaviors to avoid. I experienced first hand that completely avoiding carbs is a bad idea.

My weight fluctuated a lot. I had to take in the big picture and see the trend. I tracked my weight and my calories in Excel.

Weight Graph
My weight bounced around a lot. But even Excel shows the big picture. It consistently trended downward.

My job caters junk food for the employees basically every day. Sometimes twice a day.

Pizza. Ice Cream. Chinese. Tacos. Waffles. Sandwich platters. Cookies. Chips. Popcorn. Cotton Candy.

I never ate any of it. Stay the course.

Every day I brought my chicken and rice to work for lunch and I stuck to the process.

There were people around me starting and stopping fad diets, weird supplements, and other shortcuts.

They would be on one thing this week then give up. Then on a new thing the next week after. If they would have just stuck to one thing every day maybe then they would have seen results. But they couldn’t stay the course.

I kept the receipt of my last booze purchase. Technically, I haven’t had booze in longer than 90 days…

I also learned that without booze, I still didn’t just sit around my house, bored. I replaced my old habits with new ones.

I became interested in new things. I started this website. I liked what was happening in my life and I wanted to share it with others.

I started a journal. I wrote a lot. I made new friends who are interested in the same things I am, who don’t believe in wasting time on things that don’t benefit them.

My happiness and performance at work drastically improved. I am the number one sales rep for my business right now.

Here’s the link to that book again, Bigger Leaner Stronger.

I highly recommend it. (For the ladies, Thinner Leaner Stronger, here)

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