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My name is Kyle Milligan. I want to make fitness easy for you.

If you're anything like me...

  • You like having abs, but you don't like starving.
  • You like being strong, but you don't like being fat.
  • You want to be in shape, but you don't enjoy grueling cardio.

Oh yeah, and you don't want to stick needles in your butt.

I wanted all those things too. But everywhere I turned someone was using some weird shortcut. A pill, or a needle, or some fad diet. I didn't trust any of that stuff. (I tried fat burner pills once, I thought my heart would explode.) 

I Had No Idea How to Get Fit

In desperation, I gave up all carbs. I stopped drinking booze. I stopped eating anything besides leaves and protein shakes. I worked out for two hours a day, every day. I ran for thirty minutes at the end of all my workout.

And somehow, I managed to not lose ANY weight!​ The problem was I was doing everything wrong.

If you want to lose weight you need to avoid my errors:

  • Lifting WAY too hard for way too long
  • Doing entirely too much cardio far too often
  • Actually eating too little to lose any weight!

There's so much garbage information out there it's hard to know which you should follow! I hope all99life.com can help you with that.

A Formula For Getting Fit

The first eye opener was when I picked up Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews and learned about macro tracking. I followed his program to a T. I cut for 12 weeks and turned into a twig!

After that I started mixing what I liked about other programs with Bigger Leaner Stronger. I shortened my cuts and eliminated cardio entirely. After a year of testing and seeing results on friends, family, and my own girlfriend, I released a program to lose weight in 4 weeks  - without doing any cardio. 

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Get Product Reviews and Workout Tips

Getting fit is fun. Buying things to enhance your workout is a blast!

I do it too. I'll write reviews of the products I'm using so you know what rocks and what sucks.

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