How Ray Clark Started His Printing Business in High School

I sat down with 18 year old entrepreneur Raymond Clark Coklan, founder of Mid-Latitude Graphics, a vinyl printing company, and chatted about being a risk-taking entrepreneur. Ray has an “old soul,” and offers valuable insight even at his youthful age on what it takes to be a entrepreneur.

In this episode we discuss:

Being a bad employee – When we opened the discussion, right out of the gate, Ray commented that he hated being an employee and how he dealt with those feelings when interacting with managers 20 years his senior. He suggests that the law attraction works to bring people what they are searching for if they continuously put those feelings (vibes, as he calls them) into the universe. In his case, this manifested through an entrepreneurial opportunity which he found when he traded a favor for his first printer.

Spotting Opportunities – Ray agreed to print vinyl designs for his boss, a skill which he had no experience with, in order to get a printer to start his own business. Even though he didn’t know anything about printing or have a passion for it, he knew he didn’t want to work for anyone and saw an opportunity to step out on his own. He accepted the barter without question.

“I took the opportunity regardless. He was like, ‘I need you to print graphics,’ and I was like, ‘okay.’ I didn’t even ask him what it was I just said, ‘Okay. Let’s do it. Anything other than construction.'”

Taking Chances – When a business owner needed vinyl graphics for his fleet of trucks, Ray told the owner that he’s the man for the job even before he had a printer or had ever used one. With no skill set to back his claims, Ray took a leap and built the net on the way down.

Asking for Help – Ray called other entrepreneurs doing what he was trying to do and asked them for help, despite all the naysayers telling him it was a bad idea. We discussed further how the law of attraction has guided both of us to people who share our entrepreneurial spirit.

Making Mistakes – We moved on to the possibilities of failure as an entrepreneur. Particularly, how great it is to be the little guy because you basically have a free pass to make as many mistakes as you want because NO ONE CARES! (3 Truths About Your Mistakes)

Forcing Discomfort – We discussed how some of our idols, some of the most successful people in America, were once nobodies- Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Stephen King. They succeeded because they lived in constant discomfort, sacrificing the predictability of a stable job for the chance at living their dream. Ray and I speak at length of the merits and rewards of living in a perpetual state of discomfort. (What is the key to happiness?)

Additional topics:

  • You SHOULDN’T know where you will be in ten years.
  • “Misery is having one option.” Having your fate in ONE person’s hands or only banking on ONE option will make you miserable (I reference, several times, James Altucher – Choose Yourself).
  • School – The societal sales funnel.
  • Revisiting misery. Leaving a job where people are unhappy, seeing them a year later, and they are still unhappy (they don’t see other options). They need to READ. Tons of blogs offer valuable information on options out there for you (like!).
  • How the worst case scenario and your death are your best friends.
  • Entrepreneurs are chasing FREEDOM NOT MONEY!

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