Get a Bigger Booty and Turn Heads in 3 Easy Steps

By Kyle Milligan / February 22, 2017
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Everybody loves big butts. If you want the kind of rump that turns heads when you walk by, I have 3 easy steps for you to get a bigger booty!

Today’s post is for the ladies who want guys to drool over their insanely perfect booties. Based on the way I’ve seen girls check themselves out in the mirror and take instagram pics, I can only assume it’s every girl’s secret desire for their butts to grow so big that guy’s necks spin all the way around and crack when they strut by. I think everybody wins in this scenario so I want to help.

If you are a guy who wants a bigger booty, that’s cool too. No judgment. Chicks dig strong glutes. A round, toned butt is hot to both sexes. Let’s talk about how to install a bigger booty on your body.

1. Do A Bigger Glutes Workout to Get A Big Booty

Yes, this implies you will have to lift weights to get a nice tushy. The lazy internet will show you a million ways you can roll around on a yoga matty to get a fatty but forget that noise.

To get a bigger butt you need to build bigger glutes by working out the muscle in your rear. To build muscle is simple – create some micro tears. That’s all weight lifting does. It stresses the muscles, creates little tears, and the body repairs those. Then bam, bigger glutes.

The best lifts for bigger glutes are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Romanian Deadlifts (straight leg)
  • Leg Press

Just doing these will grow your butt. There are a couple more tips I can share to maximize these lifts for you.

2. Perform Your Glute Building Lifts Correctly

TIP 1: Drive with your heels. When you do any of the leg lifts mentioned above, you want to drive with your heels. As a matter of fact, whenever you are performing these lifts, you want to be able to wiggle your big toe, or even point it at the ceiling.

Driving with your heels targets the backs of your legs and guess what is back there? That’s right! Your glutes! (Those are your butt muscles)

Putting your weight on your toes will ruin the butt targeting effects of these exercises, damage your joints, and just all around give you a bad time.

Kyle Milligan Squat 315 workout bigger glutes

Look, ma. No shoes! Make sure when you are doing your glute building exercises you are going as low as possible. And driving with your heels!

For my squats and deadlifts, I don’t even wear shoes. That’s because shoes have heels built into them. They are designed to facilitate the natural heel-toe movement of walking, but that makes them bad for lifting. And some shoes are worse than others.

I wear basketball shoes to lift and even those small heels encourage me to shift weight forward onto my toes.

If you are wearing running shoes with their GIANT cushy heels you probably ache so much you think your sore knees “just aren’t built for squats.” WRONG. Your running shoes are great for, ya know, running, but bad for squatting and hurting you.

I still wear my basketball shoes for leg press and lunges.

Tip 2: Go DEEP. Whatever exercise you are performing, go DEEP. Dip low in your squats. Bring your knees to your chest on leg press. Let your knee come within a centimeter of the floor (or barely touch) when performing lunges. And DRIVE WITH YOUR HEELS.

TIP 3: Point your heels slightly outward. This just helps with hitting the glutes. Not pointed like sideways, just a little outward instead of straight. For leg press you should point your toes a little wider than the other exercises. For lunges I would recommend you do whatever keeps you from falling on your face. Oh yeah, drive with heels.

3. Eat Foods That Help You Get A Bigger Booty

If your diet consists mainly of soda and Cheetos, you are going to have a fat ass but nobody will appreciate it. Nor will they appreciate your too-small leopard print leggings and the way you waddle around your local Wal-Mart. Gross right? Yeah, I knew you’d agree.

Nutrition is the most (say it with me “The. Most.”) important aspect of fitness. So here’s all you gotta do: eat more protein. If you keep all else equal, eat more protein.

Remember at the beginning I said we were gonna tear your muscles to make them bigger? Your body uses PROTEIN to rebuild that stuff. So eat it.

Eat more chicken (baked, not fried). Eat egg whites. Eat greek yogurt. Have a scoop of protein powder (here’s what I use) right after your workout. Just get more protein!

Avoid Cardio

I guess avoidance is not a step but the omission of a bad step… Anyways, the treadmill wants to destroy your gains!

Avoid cardio? Treadmill is evil? Oh no he didn’t! Hell yes I did. Cardio is overrated. It burns calories but it also burns off your lean mass. How many marathon runners you know with nice, tight, round fatties? That’s right, zero.

That’s because prolonged cardio actually cannibalizes your lean mass; aka your beautiful butt muscle.

Muscle is HEAVY and your body doesn’t want to carry it around if you are going to be running 30+ minutes every day. It will burn that muscle right off and you’ll have a toothpick shape (there are a FEW more contributing factors but, yeah, that’s the gist).

If you want to do cardio, do High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT has been proven to burn calories and preserve muscle better than extended cardio.

There you have it. You are now equipped to get a bigger booty fast and break necks when you walk by.

P.S. If you want more information on ALL this stuff and want to learn how you can get a big butt and SICK ABS like me in just 28 days (without doing ANY cardio), check out my ab-shredding Workout Guide HERE!

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