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How to Get Abs in 28 Days – Without Doing Any Cardio!

Available Now!

There is A TON of MISinformation out there about how to get abs. There are tricks and hacks, 6 minute abs, Atkins diets, Nurtisystems, all kinds of stuff! Well, forget all that noise.

How to Get Abs in 28 Days Cover

Hey, YOU!

What if...

  • You could have the body of your dreams
  • People's necks snapped in half when you walked by
  • You felt confident, empowered, and strong, in any outfit in any setting. Beach, store, club, bar...

And wouldn't it be great to do all this without...

  • Spending TONS of time in the gym
  • Starving to death on low-calorie diets
  • Running on a TREADMILL for HOURS a week!
  • Keeping track of complicated routines and workouts that change every single week
  • Spending HUNDREDS of dollars on worthless supplements pushed by multilevel marketers!

And, oh yeah, it will only take you FOUR WEEKS to achieve!

How Does That Sound?

Would Having Your Perfect Body Without Sacrificing Your Entire Life And Wallet Completely And Utterly Change Your Life?

Because It Did For Me! And It Definitely Will FOR YOU Too...

I Have A Crazy Simple Guide for How to Lose Weight and Tone Up in Just 28 Days.

In This Guide You Will QUICKLY Learn How To Properly:

  • DIET: Learn how to meal plan in a way that helps you shred fat and build muscle at the same time, eating the foods you love. And without starving yourself.
  • EXERCISE: How to exercise in a way that gets you results in 60 minutes or less per day. Perform FAST workouts that get your body leaned, toned, and looking great in just 28 days.
  • LOSE WEIGHT FAST: You only have to commit to 4 weeks -- and never step foot on a single treadmill! This book will guide you to a round, firm butt, flat stomach, and all around lean body in just FIVE hours per week!

My name is Kyle Milligan, and I have turned this fat loss thing into an easy to follow FORMULA. 

I have tested and retested this method tons of times. I also asked my girlfriend to try it to make sure it wasn't just something men could do, but would WORK FOR WOMEN as well!​

But more on her in just a sec... We're talking about me now.

Before I could muster up the confidence, nay, the AUDACITY to say I was qualified to write a FITNESS GUIDE that others could follow. I had to be completely sure it worked. How did I do that?

I let myself get fat. 

I stopped dieting. I drank beer. I waited for the abs to disappear. Then, when I noticed no trace of abs and had some nice gushy love handles forming, I applied my formula just ONE MORE TIME. And I recorded EVERYTHING.

I wanted to document that I could...

  • Cut fat without stepping foot on a single treadmill
  • Not stop eating my favorite foods and snacks right before bed time (or starve myself)
  • NOT spend more than an hour and a half at the gym (with a partner working out along side me)

If you hate the stupid starve-to-death diets and 5-hour workouts as much as I do, then prepare to have YOUR LIFE CHANGED! Oh, by the way, here are my results...

Lose weight and tone up abs


All you have to do is follow the EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD plan in this guide!

Stop wasting your money on diet pills, powders, and god awful expensive shakes.

Just follow this SIMPLE GUIDE and get the body you've always wanted!

Just click this giant button and get your guide now...

I Take All the Guesswork Out of the Process for You!

You just have to show up, lose weight, and get toned!

  • You'll get a simple, straightforward workout routine that is easy to follow
  • You'll get a super simple formula for creating a diet eating ANY FOODS YOU LIKE
  • You'll get the body of your dreams, without spending 100 hours at the gym, spending all of your hard earned money, or stepping foot on a SINGLE treadmill!

My Fitness Guide Works for Men AND Women

Meet Kait

Kait is a working mother who has her own hair styling business she maintains every day. She is a one-woman, do-everything business owner.

Kait doesn't have time to mess around with weight loss advice that wastes her time and doesn't give her results fast! ​

Well good. Because...

I have designed this guide to be short and sweet, so you don't spend all day reading and getting confused with convoluted advice! I will tell you EXACTLY what to eat and how to exercise, and then SHOW you EXACTLY what I ate and did for my 28 days.

Kait 4 week Progress

How to Get Abs in 28 Days is Available NOW

Here's What You'll Learn In This Guide:

  • How to get a toned body. Not a bulky body. A toned, lean, sculpted body
  • Exactly how to perform an effective workout that takes only 60 minutes of your time
  • How to continue eating all your favorite foods, enjoy gluttonous cheat days, and STILL LOSE WEIGHT

You can get started by clicking one of the buttons on this page and read the guide!

Still not convinced? Well how about this. If you purchase my guide, give it an honest go, and don't see any change by following the diet formula and simple exercise plan, I'll give you a refund!

I am THAT confident in this guide. How could I be so confident? I literally did only what is written in this guide and my results were what they were! I recorded everything I did in this guide; my every lift and morsel of food I ate. 

​There are no tricks up my sleeve! I only show you what works. No fluff. I don't have a page count I need to hit. Just a strategy that changed my life that I wanted to share. 

And it's just a click away!​

P.S. It DOES feel really good when people break their necks to look your way on the beach. It really does...