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How to Get Abs in 28 Days – Without Doing Any Cardio!

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There is A TON of information out there about how to get abs. There are tricks and hacks, 6 minute abs, Atkins diets, Nurtisystems, all kinds of stuff! Well, forget all that noise.

How to Get Abs in 28 Days Cover

This is A Crazy Simple Guide for How to Lose Weight and Tone Up in Just 28 Days.

In This Guide You Will QUICKLY Learn How To Properly:

  • DIET: Eat the right foods in the right amounts to lose weight and tone your body.
  • EXERCISE: How to exercise in a way that gets you results in 60 minutes or less per day.
  • LOSE WEIGHT FAST: You only have to commit to 4 weeks -- and never step foot on a single treadmill!


All you have to do is follow the steps outlined in this guide!

Stop wasting your money on diet pills, powders, and god awful expensive shakes.


This Guide Works for Men AND Women

Meet Kait

Kait is a working mother who has her own hair styling business she maintains every day. She is a one-woman do-everything business owner.

Kait doesn't have time to mess around with weight loss advice that wastes her time and doesn't give her results fast! ​

Well good. Because...

I have designed this guide to be short and sweet, so you don't spend all day reading and getting confused with convoluted advice! I will tell you EXACTLY what to eat and how to exercise, and then SHOW you EXACTLY what I ate and did for my 28 days.

Kait 4 week Progress

I Take All the Guesswork Out of the Process for You!

You just have to show up, lose weight, and get toned!

  • You'll get a simple, no-fluff guide that tells you what to do.
  • You'll get a list of every exercise I did for four weeks to lose fat and tone up.
  • You'll get a list of all the foods (and portions) I ate every day; taking all the hard thought out of the process.

How to Get Abs in 28 Days is Available NOW

Lose weight and tone up abs