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By Kyle Milligan / March 15, 2017

I have always wanted a bottle like the Fuelshaker. Back when I used to go to the gym after work, I always stored my protein and pre workout powders in tiny little tupperware. It was always kind of awkward to find a place to keep those until I needed them. Obviously I wasn't the only person who got bummed out by the inconvenience of lugging powders around and the Fuelshaker bottle was invented. When I ordered my Fuelshaker I actually WASN'T excited. I was nervous! Let me explain.

Fuelshaker bottle blue red

I got a Fuelshaker bottle for myself and my girlfriend. I'm kind of jealous of her Carolina Blue bottle.

Like I said, I have wanted a bottle that does what the Fuelshaker does forever. To be honest, I hadn't really looked for one until recently. But to me, quality is key. So when I ordered my Fuelshaker, I was concerned that it would suck.

Any company can make a shaker bottle. It's just a bottle. A Fuelshaker is a little more complicated. The main issues with any shaker bottles are: will it leak and where will it leak from? There is more room for error when you have a "fuel container" resting inside a bottle full of water. 

The Dangers of a Shaker Bottle with a Button Powder Container

The Fuelshaker bottle has a small container for powder that you screw into the bottom of the bottle. On the bottom of the container is a button you press with your thumb to release an agitator that doubles as the lid that seals the powder in the small container. ​ In addition to the lid potentially leaking, we have to consider:

  • What if the bottom leaks where the container screws in?
  • What if the lid on the container leaks and water seeps into the powder? 
  • What if some problem arises that you never even considered?

These are exactly the issues I have kept my eye on since I bought mine (and my girlfriend's) Fuelshaker bottles. 

Fuelshaker Features

The Fuleshaker bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free. One of the coolest parts of the bottle is how easy it is to wash. Because the bottom pops right out to act as a powder container, the entire bottle is super easy to access and wash by hand. it also allows your dishwasher to do a more thorough job of cleaning the bottle for you!

Fuelshaker advertises 100% leak-proof technology. Basically, what that means is there are rubber seals on everything. There is a rubber stopper on the plug that fits into the mouth hole of the lid. Inside the lid there is a rubber sealant ring. Also, the button powder container also has a rubber sealant ring to prevent leaks from the bottom.

The Fuelshaker bottle has a latchable color-matching loop on the side. This would make it convenient if you wanted to clip your bottle to a gym bag or backpack.

One other neat feature is that the Fuelshaker bottle fits into cup holders! I have a very clingy relationship with nalgene bottles but the wide body ones I have do not fit into any cup holders and this turns into a royal pain when I'm going places. In addition to convenient storage of supplement powders, fitting in cup holders is another Fuelshaker perk for people on the go. 

As you can tell from the two I bought, Fuelshakers come in multiple colors. And they have a TON of different color options.

Fuelshaker advertises the bottle has a 500ml capacity. This is a bit more complicated by the powder container, but I'll explain. 

The bottle capacity is actually 600ml. The button powder container itself has a volume of 100ml that does not get used when it is sealed.​ With the powder container holding powder, the bottle can only hold 500ml. When the powder container is empty and the agitator has been released, the bottle can hold 600ml of water. 


While we haven't purposefully abused our Fuelshaker bottles, my girlfriend and I have been using them regularly and neither one of us have had any troubles with them yet. If you would like an update on how the bottle is holding up, just comment below and I'll give you current condition as of that time!

So far, the bottle does exactly what it's supposed to do. It allows us to store dry BCAA powders and pre workout powders conveniently until we need them (usually right at or before our workout). You could use your Fuelshaker to store whey protein in your compartment so you can get your protein in directly after your workout. 

Customer Service

However, if you do have any problems with your Fuelshaker bottle, they do offer a 30 day warranty. You can click on the 30 day warranty tab on their site and send them a message. I sent them a generic message asking what happens if I have a problem with my bottle and someone responded to me that evening and said they would ship me a new one. So that's a sign of GREAT customer service

You can find Fuelshaker bottles on amazon but they are being offered by resellers and will run you close to $30. The smart way to pick up a Fuelshaker is directly from their website. They are only $14.99 and you can use the coupon code FUELUP to get 10% your order. 


  • Seriously convenient powder storage
  • Leak proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits in cup holders
  • Tons of different colors
  • Only $14.99 (When you buy from their site. A Fuel shaker on amazon will be offered by resellers with markup)


  • Only 500ml Capacity when powder container is sealed
  • A little messy to remove the powder container after use. There's always a little water left in the bottom.

If you would like an update on how the bottle is holding up, just drop a comment below and I'll reply with the latest condition!

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