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7 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fit Dad

By Kyle Milligan / June 9, 2017

Have a fit dad? Know a fit dad? Are YOU a fit dad? Well, Father’s Day 2017 is right around the corner so I have come up with 7 Father’s Day gift ideas for the fit dad! I hope my girlfriend reads this post…I’m no dad but there is definitely a gift I want in […]


Fuelshaker Review | Pros & Cons, and How It Works

By Kyle Milligan / March 15, 2017

I have always wanted a bottle like the Fuelshaker. Back when I used to go to the gym after work, I always stored my protein and pre workout powders in tiny little tupperware. It was always kind of awkward to find a place to keep those until I needed them. Obviously I wasn’t the only […]


Top 5 Essential Gym Bag Accessories You Can Get for CHEAP in 2017

By Kyle Milligan / January 21, 2017

Imagine parking your car in front of your gym. You turn off the ignition and reach in your gym bag. Right before you fire up your Workout Jams 2017 playlist, you realize the cardinal mistake you have made… You forgot your HEADPHONES! Panic, dread, adrenaline. Is it even worth it to endure the AWFUL “Today’s Hits” […]