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3 Uses For Your Job (Besides Money)

By Kyle Milligan / October 12, 2016

Your job is more useful than just cashing a paycheck. Here’s the real value behind waking up at 6am to punch a clock. Contribute to the Greater Good at Your Job i.e. Pay Taxes Uncle Sam thanks you for going to your job every day. Why? Please ask me why? Okay, I’ll tell you why. It’s […]


How Winning The Content Game Is Like Building Good Credit

By Kyle Milligan / October 5, 2016

For about two months I’ve been busy making all these “big moves.” I’ve written TWO new books (Chasing Aveda Girls and Redheads and Bedspreads). I attempted to open a hair salon (Really. 50% stake in exchange for accounting and management services), and I totally revamped my author website (It’s beautiful now. Go look). While I was […]


Stop Encouraging Your Friends

By Kyle Milligan / September 18, 2016

I love Instagram. After seeing so many people label themselves “aspiring authors” on Instagram I posted this photo: I was just so sick of people talking about what they’re GOING to do. Who they’re GOING to be. All talk. Shut up. I hate talk. I love action. I think that’s why I love Instagram so much. You […]


5 Simple Steps to Sell ANYTHING Using the Sales Process

By Kyle Milligan / June 20, 2016

Yesterday I was just north of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland for a book signing at Ukazoo Books. They said I had to do a signing if I wanted to be in their store. I enjoyed myself on my last trip to Baltimore and it gave me an excuse to return so I said I would […]


Success Is Scarier Than Failure

By Kyle Milligan / June 12, 2016

Yesterday I was blindsided by fear. I stumbled upon a tweet. It was a screenshot of a list of sites. Someone thanked Ed Latimore for placing their site on Ed’s “Rising Stars” list (Ed’s recommended sites list). I like Ed. I looked at the list and what do ya know? was number 6 on the list. Incredible to […]


Finding Your WHY

By Kyle Milligan / June 9, 2016

My friend is getting restless at his job. He finds himself sitting in his desk unmotivated to perform his daily tasks and has this urge to build and create something for himself. He feels like he’s wasting his potential in his cube. “I have talents. Lots..just always have figured that no one would give a fuck […]


Protect Your Brand

By Kyle Milligan / June 3, 2016

PROTECT YOUR BRAND! PROTECT YOUR BRAND! There were alerts and sirens and lights and all kinds of things popping off when I wrote the Holding Hands and Guilty Confessions posts. If you’ve read them, let’s face it, they just have no place on all99life. They are not what the message of all99 is. But G Dangit, […]


The Pretty Picture Entrepreneurs Paint

By Kyle Milligan / May 16, 2016

“It’s great what you’re doing. But entrepreneurs have this habit of making everything seem all rainbows and butterflies and like everything is going so great. But how is it working out- REALLY?” A girl asked me this at the bar Saturday. I didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t that I was offended, she had […]

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