Bigger Leaner Stronger Review

If you want to transform your body you must read Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews! Notice I said “transform your body,” and not “lose weight.” That’s because, Bigger Leaner Stronger is a book designed to give you a muscular, lean body, regardless of your starting point. I don’t know if I’ve ever recommended a book so hard in my life.
Bigger Leaner Stronger Book Review

This book is the first book I ever picked up that was complete. As in, anything you need to know about fitness is in here. There isn’t much fluff in this sucker either, and it’s a decent sized book.

Note: If you pick up the kindle version, there are a ton of testimonials before the table of contents. This is important because kindle books automatically start you on the page after the contents section so don’t miss those!

Terminology in Bigger Leaner Stronger

Before he even talks diet or training, Michael Matthews breaks down fitness terminology. Admittedly, this part is dry. It’s a super compact glossary, with simple wording from the man himself. There were actually some terms I read that I had been misinformed about forever.


Mike breaks down all the different impacts of your psyche on your fitness. It’s crazy how accurate he is when he describes the different thoughts you have to convince yourself to quit, and how to overcome them. To be honest, his most prescribed formula was “just do it,” but sometimes it just is what it is. What was really cool about this section was how he backed everything with science.

Matthews also referenced a study on willpower that I’m pretty sure was presented in Gary Keller’s awesome book: The ONE Thing. Basically, the willpower study proves that as you progress throughout your day, you are presented with all sorts of challenges and temptations you must reject. This drains your willpower life-bar, so to speak. By the end of your day you are worn out and it is more difficult to self-motivate. It kind of explains why we come home from work and plop our ass on the couch to binge Netflix.

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Nutrition and Diet

It’s hard to say which aspect is more valuable in this book, the nutrition or the weight training. I’ll say nutrition, because that seems to be the aspect of fitness most people struggle with. I know I did. Bigger Leaner Stronger changed that for me and I got wicked results.

I give nutrition tips to help you get trim for the summer time here. But I’ll go over the basics from the book.

Matthews breaks fitness down into two parts. The amount of calories you consume and the amount of calories you burn. He teaches you the diet formulas based on your personal weight to either steadily put on mass, maintain weight, or trim down. What it all boils down to is “macros,” which is short for macronutrients. Matthews explains in super basic language what they are, how they work in your body, and how you can manipulate your macros to achieve your desired physique, whatever that may be!

I used Bigger Leaner Stronger to trim my body down, but over the last five weeks I have been teaching my girlfriend how to lift. Using the Bigger Leaner Stronger’s bulking diet, she has grown from an underweight 107 pounds to a solid and sexy 124.

I wrote about my own experience with the Bigger Leaner Stronger diet here:

Weight Training

What might be the most crucial aspect of the book, second to the nutrition, is the weight training guide. It cuts right through the bullshit, erroneous bro-science and tells you what works. It also tells you exactly why you should never decline bench, which I thought was pretty interesting. Essentially, there are two chest muscles: one that can be hit with incline bench and one can be hit with flat bench. The rest is just extra. Matthews backs everything he says in his book with scientific observation. The back section boasts an impressive reference list to all the different studies he compiled to write this work of art.


I’ve probably plugged this book 100 times on every social media platform and my blog. I freakin’ love this book. I’m on my second week of a cut cycle right now and my abs are showing nicely. If you want to improve your body, I cannot recommend Bigger Leaner Stronger enough.

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Also, you can see the end result of a 28-day cut and my results with some of the the Bigger Leaner Stronger workout routine here.

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