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I'm Kyle Milligan. I really enjoy writing. I wrote a couple novels (The Hang-Ups and Hangovers series) and now I blog frequently on a bunch of different websites. I also enjoy lifting heavy things and and writing about it.


Top 5 Essential Gym Bag Accessories You Can Get for CHEAP in 2017

By Kyle Milligan / January 21, 2017

Imagine parking your car in front of your gym. You turn off the ignition and reach in your gym bag. Right before you fire up your Workout Jams 2017 playlist, you realize the cardinal mistake you have made… You forgot your HEADPHONES! Panic, dread, adrenaline. Is it even worth it to endure the AWFUL “Today’s Hits” […]


How to Make the Best To Do List to be More Productive and Make Money

By Kyle Milligan / November 22, 2016

Anyone working for themselves has to deal with the burden of choice. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with discretion and it can be difficult to free oneself from the weeds of frivolous activities and increase productivity. Worry not, I have the best daily to-do list strategy that can make you more productive in no time. I found this […]


Never Get A Real Job by Scott Gerber Review

By Kyle Milligan / November 21, 2016

When I picked up Never Get A Real Job by Scott Gerber for the first time in years I realized where much of my entrepreneurial mindset came from. Halfway through the first chapter, I discovered that some of my thoughts about “real jobs” were sort of borrowed from the teachings in this book. “Paychecks come and go; […]


How To Write a Startup Business Plan Step by Step

By Kyle Milligan / November 20, 2016

I recently picked up one of my favorite entrepreneurship books, Never Get A Real Job by Scott Gerber, and accidentally reread the entire thing. I kept reading because I kept finding useful information that I overlooked the first time I read it. One of the things Gerber explained, which I implemented THAT VERY MINUTE, was his One-paragraph […]


Bigger Leaner Stronger Results and Workout Routine

By Kyle Milligan / November 18, 2016

Does Bigger Leaner Stronger work? Can you really get ripped in a month? It depends where you start, honestly, but it isn’t farfetched to think you could have abs in under 30 days. I just finished my 28-day cut following the diet and workout plan outlined in Mike Matthews’ book, Bigger Leaner Stronger, and I’m pretty pleased […]


3 Books That Will Change Your Life and Words of Wisdom on My 28th

By Kyle Milligan / November 12, 2016

Do you ever feel older? I don’t think one ever feels like they’ve matured fully. Do you feel like you have all the answers to the questions you had just a couple years ago? Me neither. Today is my birthday. I’m turning 28. Looking at photos I can see I’m older. My features are rougher. My […]


Progress During Michael Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger Cutting Diet

By Kyle Milligan / November 1, 2016

I started another cutting cycle using the plan outlined in Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews 11 days ago (I’m going to cut for 28 days) and today I’m sharing my progress. Why 11 days? Because it’s Tuesday and TransformationTuesday is a hot hashtag so I’m not waiting the full two weeks. Bigger Leaner Stronger Progress Pictures So right […]


Bigger Leaner Stronger Review

By Kyle Milligan / October 30, 2016

If you want to transform your body you must read Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews! Notice I said “transform your body,” and not “lose weight.” That’s because, Bigger Leaner Stronger is a book designed to give you a muscular, lean body, regardless of your starting point. I don’t know if I’ve ever recommended a book […]


How to Start a Successful Blog and What to Blog About

By Kyle Milligan / October 23, 2016

Counter-intuitively, to start a successful blog you should stop trying to learn how to start a successful blog. When I made my first $20 blogging, I had no idea what a keyword was, how SEO worked, or any of that jazz. I simply wrote what was going on in my life. The organic aspect of blogging relates to […]

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