9 Things Only People Who Track Macros Will Understand

By Kyle Milligan / February 23, 2017

Tracking Macros can be a struggle sometimes. Is it worth it? Read these 9 things only people who track macros will understand and judge for yourself.

1. The First Time Peanut Butter Blew Your Mind

Like every person who tracks macros, you vividly remember the discovery that eating a ton of peanut butter is actually not such a great idea.

Stupid marketing and stupid people who don’t understand nutrition told you: “healthy fats,” “nuts are good for you,” “just throw a scoop or two in with your protein shake.”

Then you started tracking…

“Let’s check the peanut butter label before I throw two scoops into the protein shake…”

PB Fat content

16g of fat per tablespoon, huh… Let’s see. I can have 35g of fat per day so if I have been eating two scoops of peanut butter with every shake I’ve ever made…

galifianakis math


No wonder I wasn’t losing any weight! And that’s only ONE TABLESPOON. Who has just ONE tablespoon of peanut butter? Honest!

(Saddest story: I got PB on my finger while taking this picture and I washed it off instead of eating it.)

2. Discipline Is More Important Than Motivation

Some days you aren't going to "wanna." That's when you gotta drop a Nike just do it on yourself.

Some days you are just tired. Some days you don’t feel like it. Some days you are crazy HUNGRY.

As a veteran macro tracker, you understand these days will happen. During these trying times you have to drop a Nike “Just Do It” on yourself. Don’t eat junk food. Don’t listen to the creepy, “just a taste” voices in your head.

And if you don’t feel like going to the gym either – just do it. That’s when having a routine becomes important.

3. Your Schedule is Law

After you’ve gone through the initial bumps of tracking your macros, you’ve got it down to a pretty steady routine. You know when you’re going to be hungry. You’ve figured out what to eat at what times. It just works. That’s why one itty bitty kink thrown into your schedule can spell disaster.

Without thinking you told your friend, “Sure Sarah, I’ll ride to the mall with you.” Next thing you know, you’ve been there THREE HOURS, missed a meal, and the City Chinese Express in the food court never smelled so good.

You wake up crying in the woods, covered in lo mein, Sarah is missing. (She’s probably at home chillin’).

4. The Most Anticipated Part of Your Day is A Snack You Would Have Consider “Meh,” A Month Ago

Special K Cereal is the tits

You’ve got your schedule on lock. You count the minutes until your next meal, regardless of how plain and repetitive it has become. More than that, you actually jump for joy at lackluster “treats.”

Before I started tracking my macros I’m sure I would have rated Special K Protein cereal somewhere between “eh” and “rather have a pretzel.” Now it is my favorite thing. I look forward to chomping down two, sometimes even THREE servings of this stuff right before bed. And I love every bite.


If you are tracking macros, you are not wasting precious calories on worthless alcohol. Also, you now realize how deeply alcohol is ingrained into every social gathering ever!! You can’t watch the game, go to dinner, go to parties, NOTHING!

Protip: Stick to coffee dates and lunches with friends. Barricade yourself inside your home in the evenings. Abandon all hope after sundown. Maybe read a lot and start a blog.

6. Cooking in Bulk is The Only Way

You can’t ever let yourself get hungry when you are tracking. When you get hungry you want food NOW and you make poor decisions. It’s a slippery slope of despair.

You have learned that the best way to get ahead of this is to just always STAY ahead of it. That’s why your Sunday is MEAL PREP DAYYY. Three-ish hours jamming to Pandora and cooking 40 lbs of chicken and 300 lbs of brown rice! Break out the 90-piece tupperware set!

7. Running Makes You Hungry As Hell

Some people swear by cardio. I hate it. I can eat a bus of peanut butter after a run and still be hungry. Rant over.

8. The Mirror and Your Waist Size Indicate Your Progress, NOT The Scale

Losing weight isn’t ACTUALLY about losing weight. You don’t want to weigh 90 lbs, you want to LOOK great. Who cares what the scale says if you are RIPPED? That’s why you put yourself through the trouble of tracking every single calorie you eat.

The proper term is more like, “getting in shape.” Remember, muscle mass is three times heavier than fat. My girlfriend was in a panic when she was over two weeks into her 28 day cut and hadn’t lost any weight. Now she won’t stop sending me selfies of her abs after every workout. Guess what? Her weight hasn’t fluctuated more than a couple pounds.

Ripped Abs Babe

Getting in shape isn’t about what the scale says. It’s about what the mirror shows.

9. It Is TOTALLY Worth It

As a person who tracks their macros, you know one indisputable truth: It is ALL worth it! The discipline, the schedules, the boring meals, it’s all worth it when you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see.

Having abs is awesome, sure. But how about better sleep? Higher energy? Clearer mind? Better health in general?

Wouldn’t it be great to LOOK great AND FEEL great?!

What if you could have it in just 4 weeks?!

YOU CAN! My 28-day workout and diet plan will be available TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! (02/24/17)

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