7 Signals for When to Quit Your Job

So you’re wondering when to quit your job.

Just imagine this…

Frustrated guy at computerYou just arrived at your desk, five minutes past the hour. Depending on the type of job you have, hourly or salary, you either scramble to clock in before you are officially tardy or you skip the coffee machine and get straight to work. Life would be so much better if you could just get that coffee, but you go without for now. You’re already late.

Lunch time is almost upon you. You perform arbitrary tasks that resemble your job description so as not to get too tied up to jump out of your desk for your lunch hour. Or half hour. Your co-workers ask you if you want to join them for lunch but you’re not really into it. You have this other project you’re really excited about working on in every spare minute but you just can’t seem to find the time. So you stay up late and wake up early. You neglect other tasks and duties because this other thing really just makes you high when you work on it. Still, you agree to lunch anyway, because you’re polite, and a pussy.

At lunch, everyone talks about their plans for the weekend. What game they’re excited for. Which team they’re betting on. Which players they’re starting on their fantasy squad. You can’t relate. You’ve Blue Thinking Emojipoured all your time into this new project. You can’t waste an entire Sunday staring at the TV! That’s 50% of your days off! That’s CRAZY!

When you return to the office, you scribble down some ideas you had over lunch but couldn’t work on. If you punch a clock at your job, you count the seconds before you have to return to work.

Distracted and unentertained, you trudge through the remainder of your work day. You count the seconds until it is appropriate for you to leave the office without offending your superiors. The very second that time arrives, you bolt out the door of your office.

When you get home, you work on your exciting project, then chat with your friends and followers about your progress.

There are at least 7 signals in the above passage that you should quit your job. I say if you can relate to 5 or more, it’s time to go.

The 7 signals I listed for when to quit your job:

  1. “Arrived at your desk, five minutes past the hour.” Showing up late to anything is a good indicator that you have other priorities or just don’t want to be there.
  2. “Life would be so much better if you could just get that coffee, but you go without for now.” If you’re this tightly micromanaged, then quit.
  3. “Or half hour.” 30 minute lunch? Fuck that.
  4. “Distracted and unentertained, you truck through the remainder of your work day.” If you can’t focus on your work because of your other project, maybe there’s something to it.
  5. “You count the seconds…” If you’re ever counting seconds, it’s about time to quit your job. I understand that counting seconds is a part of most, if not all, jobs. You might say, “Well, then I’d be quitting a job every day!” Well, maybe you weren’t meant to have a “normal job.” Besides, I think most people should quit their jobs.
  6. “You bolt out the door of your office.” If you bolt out of the door of any place, don’t go back. That place sucks. Quit your job.
  7. “Chat with your friends and followers about your progress.” If you already have an audience, what are you waiting for? Finish your project, and get it to your customers! Oh, and quit your job.

Obviously this is just to get you thinking.

Everybody has their own circumstances so I can’t really tell you when to quit your job. I can tell you I sat in cubes for years before something my boss said convinced me to up and leave work and never go back. I didn’t have a plan then, and I’m still figuring it out today.

It’s been 8 months since I quit (February 16, 2016 – October 16, 2016) and it’s been a learning experience for sure, but I’ve made do. With the launch of my second novel, things are picking up. It’s a slow build, but it will be worth it.

Start by figuring out your passion, pursuing it, and then figure out when to quit your job. Until then, check this little article out about the 3 uses for your job (besides money).

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