3 Ways to Discover Your Unfair Advantage And Embrace It

3 Ways to Discover Your Unfair Advantage And Embrace It Thumb

Your unfair advantage. Your slight edge. Your genius zone. There are a lot of different names for this phenomenon. No matter what guru you first hear this concept from, it’s always the same.

You are inherently good at something. So much so, that you probably don’t even realize you are good at it. It just comes natural. That’s what makes your unfair advantage so unfair. You don’t even realize your ability and you probably take it for granted.

That’s the danger. That you would so badly misjudge the value of this unfair advantage, that you might squander it. Writing it off as “I’m not special,” or “anyone can do that.”

Use Your Unfair Advantage To Become an Expert

“To be an expert at something, you only need to be marginally more knowledgeable than the person you are addressing.” Heard that one before, too?

It’s all the same. You are a pro at something and don’t even realize it.

expert high jump

Athletes are a great example of individuals who find their unfair advantage and hone it. They don’t try to play every position, just one very well.

People ask you basic things all the time. For instance, I was doing overhead press in the gym and someone asked me, “hey man, what does that do for you? Do I need a belt?

These things seem so obvious to me. Overhead press works shoulders (delts) and no, you don’t need a back brace. But in that moment, when I spoke to that guy, I was the fitness expert.

3 Methods to Discover Your Unfair advantage

1. Increase Your Awareness

It’s only because I have read and heard unfair advantage and the expert line so many times that I recognized the situation at the gym and was able to recall it. This kind of thing probably happens to you daily and you don’t even realize it. You might be a friend’s go-to guy for a certain type of advice.expert high jump

This might even be to a point of annoyance. Like, “dammit, Jeff is calling me again. I know it’s about how to hook up his new webcam to Skype.” You’re Jeff’s expert. When Jeff buys recording software, even software you have never used or seen, he’s going to call you up again.

There are tons of Jeff’s out there in the world, full of questions that you think are common sense but they have no clue! Next time someone asks you what you think to be an annoying and basic question, think about it for a second. They may have just hinted at your unfair advantage.

2. Ask Your Friends

You may get a unanimous decision from the people you ask about your unfair advantage, and you may get something ambiguous.

It can also be dangerous. Expect the first 5-10 responses from your bros to illustrate how good you are at gross favors for them. Still, it’s a worthwhile experiment.

I asked a couple people and got varying answers. I’m good at sales. I have drive. Another person told me they thought my advantage was my fearlessness. I don’t shrink away from an idea because it might crash and burn. So I am able to do more things than most people. That at least gives me more CHANCES at success.

These all started to get me thinking about what I can do that other people can’t do.

Because I’m not afraid of falling on my face in front of people, I can fearlessly write personal content to engage people and share my story. My drive allows me to do this every day across different blogs (I have a couple with my name and face on them…). Finally, I have no qualms making firm, yet subtle recommendations for products that I love, which will earn me a couple cents.

Product Launch Formula Jeff Walker

I first heard of working within “your genius zone” in Launch by Jeff Walker

Find Your Genius Zone

3. Consider Your Hobbies

Hobbies are massively underrated in the new entrepreneur, hustler, hype-world we live in.

In many circles, hobbies are basically demonized as wastes of time. And instead it’s all about “crushing it” 12 hours a day. But I’m calling bullshit.

First, most humans aren’t really crushing it 12 hours straight. You can be at your desk 12 hours straight and not get shit done. Trust me.

I gave up ALL my “waste-of-time” hobbies to be more “productive.” To make more time to “crush it.” Let me tell you a story…

In high school I had a band, and at age 16 I walked into bars and asked for the managers to schedule my band on the weekends. They said okay. I charged $300 to play. I just wanted to play because it was my favorite thing to do. We sold T-Shirts. All the kids at my school bought them. I’m wearing one of them right now as I write this.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was an entrepreneur, selling my hobby.

I also didn’t realize how insane it must have appeared for a pimply faced 16-year old wearing a leather jacket and Metallica T-shirt to walk into a bar and ask for the manager.

Then college came. It was time for me to be a success in the eyes of society.

The band broke up. I discovered a love for booze. 6 years vanished in a poof of smoke. I woke up sitting in a cubicle in Charlotte, working at a CPA firm. Misery.

Forget Your Weaknesses

One more slightly related tip. To embrace your unfair advantage you have to basically ignore your weaknesses.

We’re all so acutely aware of our weaknesses. When I went through my game/dating/pick-up days, my weaknesses were all I could focus on as I tried to keep my sanity barreling through rejection after rejection.

Screw your weaknesses. The truth is your weaknesses don’t really hold you back. Nothing holds you back. Weaknesses don’t exist. What is a weakness other than something you aren’t good at?

Weakness isn’t a thing that holds power over you and holds you back. It’s just an absence of skill. Your perceived weakness isn’t a “bad” thing. It is a “less good” thing. So focus on your “more gooder” thing. Your unfair advantage.

Weaknesses are just things that don’t push you forward. But they don’t stop you.
Remember this forever and ever: There are no weaknesses, only things that don’t push you forward.

So, ya know, don’t think anymore of them. They just are.

But you’re lucky, because all you really need is your unfair advantage. Your slight edge. Your genius zone. You are an expert if you are one step smarter than the person you are addressing.

3 Ways to Discover Your Unfair Advantage And Embrace It
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3 Ways to Discover Your Unfair Advantage And Embrace It
Your unfair advantage. Your slight edge. Your genius zone. There are a lot of different names for this phenomenon. No matter what guru...
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