3 Diet Hacks to Help You Shed Weight Like A Pro

Black coffee is a diet hack

Losing weight comes down to two things: Calories burned and calories consumed. Here are 3 hacks to reduce number 2 and help you drop lbs like a pro.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to weight loss is there are only TWO aspects that play a role in whether or not you lose lbs.

  1. How many calories you burn
  2. How many calories you consume


When people refer to “diet,” they are talking about restricting number 2. I’m going to give you 3 super quick and easy¬†diet hacks to reduce the calories you consume.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

The easiest way to reduce the calories you consume is to just stop DRINKING them.

Think about this:

1 cup of SKIM milk has 76 calories.
1 cup of orange juice: 110 calories.

But 4 ounces of meaty, delicious, baked chicken breast only has 136 calories. Which one is more filling and keeps you full longer? Exactly, chicken. Duh.

When I was cutting I sat down at the table with my granny. I had a giant plate of chicken and she said, “You’ll never lose weight EATING ALL THAT!” Granny didn’t understand the glass of milk she had with breakfast was almost the same calorie value as my chunk of chicken.

That’s ALL losing weight boils down to: calories.

Even if your diet is total dog poo you can at least reduce your daily calorie consumption by abiding this one simple rule. STOP DRINKING YOUR CALORIES.

I have one exception: unsweetened almond milk. 30 calories per cup. I have half a cup with cereal (15 measly calories).

Drink Black Coffee

You do NOT have to track coffee in your daily calorie limit – if you drink it black.

Technically, I think they say black coffee has approximately 5 calories in it. But food labels usually put something negligible like <1g of carb or even 0’s for all macronutrients.

Rumor has it that when you drink black coffee you actually BURN MORE CALORIES. I forget where I read this, but apparently the metabolic boost from the caffeine actually causes your body to burn more calories than you consumed from the coffee.

How neat is that?

Okay, so let’s just imagine that the effects are negligible on both sides. Let’s say that when you have a cup of coffee, the effects of caffeine boost and calories consumed just net zero.

I testify, as I wiggle around in my chair hyped up on coffee at this very moment, that caffeine makes you burn MORE calories. When I have caffeine, I just move more. Thus, I am increasing diet aspect number 1 and burning more calories.

Don’t put sugar in your coffee. Sugar = carbs. Don’t put cream in your coffee. Cream = fats. Just black.

Drink black coffee. It’ll get you pumped, help you burn calories. It’s just awesome.

Watch Out For Hidden Calories and Choose Smart Alternatives

Calories are everywhere. They’re out to get you. You must be vigilant¬†in avoiding them. We already talked about one way they sneak up on you – drinks. Drinks pack a wallop in calories versus how filling they are. Who woulda thought?

Now consider this – 1 serving of ketchup is a tablespoon. That’s basically what you put on ONE french fry. One serving of ketchup is 20 calories. Barbecue sauce is a little higher. Mayonnaise, well you should know better.

These things add up. But fret not! There are alternatives.

If you like mustard as much/more than ketchup you are in luck! Mustard has ZERO calories.

If you aren’t a fan of mustard, you can do what I usually do. I substitute Texas Pete whenever I want ketchup. Texas Pete is basically just vinegar and peppers. Zero Calories!

One last, unrelated, bonus hack. Pickle spears only have 5 calories. Excellent snack. I eat about a hunert.

That’s it! It’s important to stay diligent and aware about the things you are putting into you body. Try to avoid excess calories whenever possible. Identify things you are eating that are heavy and see if you can find lighter alternatives or cut them out completely!

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