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How to Get Abs in 28 Days

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Designed for simplicity, How to Get Abs in 28 Days cuts ALL the fluff and tells you exactly how to lose fat and tone up in under 30 days. This compact guide has everything you need to know about nutrition and weight training to lose weight fast. It's designed with a simple, straightforward format that anyone can follow. 

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

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The most complete fitness and nutrition guide on the market. Bigger Leaner Stronger contains everything you could possibly need to get your body in great shape. Whether you are bulking, cutting, or maintaining, Bigger Leaner Stronger has you covered and in amazing detail.


The 3 Step Strategy to Shredding Fat While Building Muscle

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Hi, I'm Kyle. This here's my mean face.

Would you like to get abs like mine in only 4 weeks without starving yourself or taking weird pills or shots? Those abs took me just 4 weeks to achieve!

I believe fitness is a lifestyle choice and that it should be sustainable. You shouldn't have to go without water and salt so your veins pop through. And you shouldn't have to take weird pills or go anywhere NEAR needles. Advice like that only applies to about 3% of the world's population; i.e. bodybuilders (not me). 

I like having abs, but I'm no bodybuilder. This is basically as shredded as I care to be because frankly, I hate being hungry. It makes me angry, or "hangry" as they say. That's what is for. Browse the articles on fitness tips and supplement reviews that can help you achieve a great physique without starving yourself. Click here if you'd like to learn more about Kyle Milligan and all99life.

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Getting fit is fun. Buying things to enhance your workout is a blast!

I do it too. I'll write reviews of the products I'm using so you know what rocks and what sucks.

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